Our innovative approach to audience targeting ensures flexibility within the ever-shifting industry, as it demands high quality global traffic, while also fulfilling our clients' needs.

EXPANDm's mobile experts navigate the ecosystem to provide a full 360-degree approach to our clients’ campaigns.

Our mission

Using a state of the art architecture, backed up by intelligent adaptive software and applied machine learning scientific research for our breaking-ground algorithms, Expand Mobile is bridging the gap between app developers and interested mobile users.

Our technology

Our trained xM AI system is leveraging internal and outside data sources in order to instantaneously meet users' expectations. Our team of rock-stars Machine learning scientists and engineers are always improving the already top-notch AI system.

What we do

We're connecting thousands of apps and hundreds of billions of impressions.


The synergy between our international technology enthusiasts and veteran industry leaders and our drive to transform the industry is fueling our day-to-day ground-breaking approach.

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